Website development

You want professional web site development? You are not satisfied with your current one Web page? Have an outdated site? You want easy to use e-shop? Depending on your requirements, we will offer you individual solutions for creating a website at an affordable price.

Each site creation is based on the latest web technologies and complies with all legal regulations!

Each request for the creation of a website is considered independently. This is how we guarantee the individuality of your future site and the fulfillment of all your wishes. A marketer will hold conversations with you to get to know your business in detail and determine your competitive advantages. All this information will be synthesized and properly integrated in the process of making your website.

We’ll start by choosing a domain and hosting (if you don’t have any) so that your website matches your company identity. We will choose the name of your site as well as the corresponding hosting plan as best as possible, depending on your needs. The registrations will be in your name so that there is no doubt about the ownership of your site.

You get full admin access through an administrative control panel. We will demonstrate and train a person named by you to work with the site. That way, you don’t need to be a programmer or have any special skills. You will easily be able to change content on your website, add or remove products in real time. All these operations can be performed without stopping the site. If you are unable to maintain your site, we will offer you subscription website maintenance for an appropriate fee.


Website protection

We will take care of the security of your website by stopping all hacker attacks and periodically updating the web system.

When building a website, we necessarily take into account all devices (auto responsive). We pay particular attention to mobile devices, which are used more and more often.

We will help guide you in creating unique, accurate, concise and clear content when building your site. In this way, you will be as useful as possible to your visitors.

You have the option to choose the multilinguality of your site, with no limit on the number of languages. This way you will reach a larger number of readers.

In order to provide you with a specific price for the development of a website, please send us an inquiry with exact requirements or call us. We will help you clarify the project.