Software development, SEO, Servers and networks

Eng. Hristiyan Hristov is a proven specialist in the field of computer technologies and programming of software products. The professional experience in collaboration with the education from the “Technical University” – Sofia and the acquired specialty “Computer Systems and Technologies” give him an exceptional competitive advantage and guarantee the high quality of the projects from his portfolio. His interests are in the field of software product programming, design, development, implementation and maintenance of server configurations, and last but not least, he is a proven specialist in SEO – Optimization. His complex knowledge in the field of information technology is key to the high quality of implementation of each project.

Business consultant, Marketer

Ilian Yordanov is an expert with a wide view in the optimization and management of business processes in companies, which gives him the ability to realistically assess the situation, combined with adequate approaches to influence departments and personnel, and the interrelationship between them. Fluent in various business software products. His innovative approach allows the objective analysis and evaluation of companies. Successfully develops businesses in various fields.

In his career, he confirmed the acquired knowledge, passing through positions in various areas of food and clothing production, trade, service and management.

He builds on his management experience with the various spheres of his professional development in large productions, international trade chains, sales offices, accounting departments, etc.

Communicative with negotiation and teamwork skills.

He is an economist by education, majoring in “International Business” and “Technology of Culinary Production and Catering Services”.

Graphic and Web design

Blagovest Pulev is a creative person who participated in a number of design, fashion and interior projects. For his age, he has enviable skills and a sense of form, combination, design and creativity. With the acquisition of the “Designer” profession, he strengthened his gift to create, combining shapes, colors, with an individual approach to the client. With proven experience in clothing fashion and interior design, it successfully complements the knowledge and skills of marketing and advertising, as well as our PR specialists. He participated in a number of competitions and won with his projects in front of a number of his colleagues. It is the optimal choice for creative ideas and corrective for color perception and form combination.

Димитър Генов
Organizational and counseling psychologist

Psychologist, human resources expert and trainer with over 15 years of experience in conducting corporate training Founder of B-have (b-have.bg). Master’s degree in human resource management, work, organizational and applied psychology.
Professional interests:

  • Stress and burnout
  • Commitment and motivation
  • Effective teamwork and conflict
  • Leadership and emotional intelligence
  • Personal development – personal counseling of adults with emotional-behavioral problems, anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Participates in the development and implementation of projects in international companies related to corporate culture, employer brand, satisfaction and motivation of personnel, cost optimization, outsourcing, gamification and others.

Since 2018, he has been specializing as a consultant in cognitive-behavioral therapy at the Bulgarian Association for Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, which continues to this day.

From 2022, he is a doctoral student at the Institute for Population and Human Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

GSM: 0878505279

Атанас Николов
graphic and web design

Atanas Nikolov is a creative person who develops mainly in graphic design and web design. In 2015 begins his professional training
in Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski majoring in Informatics, where he became passionate about programming, web design and graphic design.
Since 2017 on his own he works on a number of large projects, some of which are individual, all of which are related to the creation of
company websites, online stores, customized web-based platforms for corporations, but does not leave aside the graphic design that he practices, when it is necessary to make customized logos, banners for websites, icons for buttons and menus, as well as custom graphics for the pages.
In 2019 completed his undergraduate education and plunged into the deep world of web design and graphic design, from then until now
is one of the main consultants and developers of many corporate and private projects, with which it is worth the trust of all clients with whom
has worked.