Innovation and hybrid solutions in a secure cloud environment

Automatic transfer of the information   from the documents directly into the used software of the companies

Canon’s golden partner for Bulgaria – “KINTEC” Ltd. presented a unique technology with intuitive software that successfully deploys the maximum capabilities of any business. Canon, known as the leader in the printing technology market, with this development started a new era in the world of modern business solutions. Company representatives were invited to the event „HV IT“„OPTIMA BIZNES“ and many others. 

As already mentioned, as part of the innovation of the market and in full sync with its needs, the one-of-a-kind software is suitable for any business and complements the Canon portfolio. It can successfully replace the employees who process and enter the primary information from paper or digital media into the various processing software. Such replacement, as well as many other processes, are fully automated with the technology to scan, read and instantly enter the information from paper or digital media into the specially developed software from Canon.

What is exceptional is that it can be adapted and synchronized with various management systems such as ERP, CRM and the like, according to the specific processes of each business regardless of the complexity of the processes. In this way, the scanned documents are fully entered with their attributes in the warehouse, accounting, or other program, without the use of manual labor, completely automatically and for seconds of time.  Let’s not forget that they are available at any time, one click away.

Scanning, reading and entering information in text and digital form is now much easier, faster and secure, and paper and digital media are in the secure cloud working environment and are available at any time  In  the software.

Thus, the long-awaited solution is now a fact and brings complete optimization of the routine processes of scanning and information processing, and last but not least, ensures its precise transfer from the documents directly to the software you use. The new development of Canon is  ​​ perfectly suitable for all types of businesses, including large companies with many and different departments, as well as small companies. Its usefulness to accountants is unparalleled because replaces manual information entry by automatically scanning with Canon software.

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