Our goal is to help our clients choose the most suitable IT solution for their specific needs and rely on us to continuously optimize and improve their information system.

Today’s business needs flawless computers, servers, networks, websites, and trusted companies and professionals to support these systems. An error in any of these units may result in lost profits, delays and inconveniences in the work. We understand your needs and we are ready to offer our professional IT support services to provide You with a working environment with no concerns about computer equipment, servers, web sites, networks and their performance.
Computers “crash”?, Viruses?, Incorrectly configured or non-optimized servers ? , Do you want a WEBSITE or your WEBSITE is working slow, do You want to appear on first page in Google? Important files are deleted? We specialize in integrating IT solutions in several areas: information / data recovery, computer support, server support, computer networks support, websites development and SEO optimization.

Website development and SEO optimization

The main services offered by the company are:

Website development and SEO optimization.

Networking (wired, wireless, local and virtual)

Building and support servers, networks, file sharing, Internet between two or more computers, router setup.

VPN connectivity

Server support

Fast, reliable and highly qualified server support, diagnostics, prophylaxis and troubleshooting of software and hardware issues at your place or at our office.

Protect and archive electronic information and data (BACKUP).

Recover deleted and corrupted files and data

Installing WindowsLinuxBSD Servers.

Expert Security Solutions

Antivirus programs and firewalls, virus cleanup, spyware, and downgrades, install and build total protection.

Server system

 Installing and configuring all types of Microsoft, Linux, Mac software products, assembling and testing of PC and server systems.

Our team is composed of highly skilled and talented professionals from different fields who combine their skills and provide valuable solutions to help your business. We strive to offer the best service and satisfy the requirements of our customers. Every request is approached individually and carefully so that every reasonable desire can be fulfilled.

We know how to help … so that our service can make Your work with us a pleasure.

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